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Truss Aluminium Factory a.s. (TAF) was founded in 1998 as a high standard aluminum truss manufacturing company. The company grew from 5 original employees to almost a hundred.

In 2009 TAF entered the US market and since then we have been working on building up a good relationships within our customers network. Throughout the years TAF established itself as a topmost aluminium trussing wholesale company in US and our products can be found all over the American continent. 


We are proud to offer great services including designs, static calculations and custom engineering to any field in which our products can be used. 


TAF aluminum trussing, accessories and other products are mostly used in entertainment industry, exhibitions, corporate events and most recently we entered also fields of building constructions, architectural designs, advertisement market and sport events market. Our products can be found under many various labels such as stage truss or staging truss, lighting truss, light truss, DJ truss, exhibition truss etc.


The many applications of the TAF product range include church sets, finish lines, exhibition booths, aluminum stages, trade show exhibit booths, display booths, exhibit display booth, trade show display, DJ shows, Dj trussing booth, truss roofs, portable displays and many others.


All products are distributed from our 20 000 square feet warehouse facility in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Our professional staff always make sure that stock is re-filled on regular bases to satisfy our customers demand for fast order shipments.


If you need truss, try TAF.

TAF USA, LLC, 1585 Industrial Dr., New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, Call toll free # 1-877-556 1999