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Extended square format truss by a bottom chord

29. 08. 2019

We are proud to announce the launch of our new product – TT45 – which has all features that riggers require to serve the entertainment industry nowadays. TT45 is based on quick-lock connection system with conical connectors and is very fast and easy to assemble.


It originates from the standard 400x400 mm (16x16 inch) square truss series with a few differences. The main truss dimensions are the same. The number of main tubes is what makes this truss special as the extra bottom chord represents the added value. It ensures safety and balance of clamped LED walls, light systems or any other accessories. With this advantage your rigging structures can become more sophisticated providing reliable support that any event management and onsite crew team can rely on.


The main tubes specifications are Ø 50 mm/4 mm (2.0 x 0.01 inch). The centre bottom tube is connected to the outer chord by cross tubes with same dimensions Ø50/4.0mm – ladder style horizontal bracing in the bottom level. The top horizontal and both vertical sides of this truss are equipped with diagonal braces from tubes with dimensions Ø 25/3.0mm.


Assembly joints between truss elements are carried out by spigots – quick-lock connection. The connection is made by steel spigots (42CrMo4) and safety clips standardly but on request we can replace these by steel spigo with thread M8 and we do offer also a stainless version of the spigots for permanent use outside.


The truss series TT45 can be assembled in one grid with all our truss components. We offer straight segment of lengths up to 300 cm in this system. By TT45 we bring to the industry a new solution with extra load bearing capacity.


To get all figures proceed to product page where you can also download our handy technical specification sheet.


For any queries, contact our team of technical specialists who can prepare a comprehensive project solution.

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