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Our project is a nominee for Mondo Awards 2020

04. 02. 2020

At Truss Aluminium Factory we always strive to provide the best solutions to any project we are given. Over the second half of the last year we have completed many interesting ones. We chose Soho Garden project from Dubai out of them as the project itself represented a tough challenge of implementing two trapezoid shaped structures into the area which was already equipped with one of our structures previously. Also this project has not been completely finished yet as we worked with our clients on the possibility of another extension by building a third structure of the same kind at this area. Indeed this project brought difficulties and thus made it outstanding in terms of anchoring and utilizing to local structural requirements. With such a progress it showcases our experience and know-how. Detailed project description is available here. The entry can be found here.


With the scope of this project we are proud to submit it to the panel of judges of the popular Mondo Awards competition. The competition has being hold since 2017 by Mondo magazine and gathers premiere projects across the globe. There are nine broad categories based on a venue where a product is installed. Our project falls into the Bar & Restaurant category. It is a big honour for us to submit our project for judging process to 12 industry professionals and to the previous winners who are on the jury of this world-beating competition Mondo Awards.

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