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The ease of cable management with new clamp

25. 02. 2020

As truss constructions can be large grids which are accompanied with many accessories we pride ourselves for innovative truss tool that stand for functionality and design alike. Our new TAF snap clamps give you advantages such as cable routing, power socket holder and abrasion protection.


Thanks to the robust and hard-wearing design, the clamp can hold cables up to a total cross-section of approx. 950 mm2. It can be locked with one hand. Easy installation and removal of cables save time during set-up and dismantling. Clamps can be re-used therefore cut-down your costs for adhesive tapes, cable ties etc. They also eliminate the rough tearing off the electrical tape attachments.


It complies with all trusses and scaffolding having chord tubes measuring 48 mm to 51 mm. It is available in silver (aluminium finish) and black.

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