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Totems & U-Torms

Totems can be used both as base plates and tops with truss. U-Torms are perfect tool in creating a tube web for special lighting effects.
CEPowder coating available
TAF Truss Aluminium | Totems & U-Torms

Totems, truss rings or tower rings, represent segment of products based on customer's requests and needs. These either circular or square frames built either from tubes or square alu profiles open extra possibilities in simple truss installations as single straight trussing piece can be turned into a fabricated column, disco tower, truss totem or lighting and audio holder. There are many different variations of totem bases as they differ in size, shape, used material, connection types and also in number of possible connections.

U-Torms are structures made of tubes with different diameter and wall strength that are interconnectible. There are many different variations of the U frames, but they all have one thing in common. They open the door of creativity in truss design planning, production and installation. These products can be connectted with each other in many ways creating not only two dimensional pipe webs but also 3D pipe formats either for show equipment hanging or simply as a special structural feature with significant design effect.

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