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VR extends our prospects for LDI

13. 11. 2019

Get virtual reality experience of truss structure that you design within our software TAFtool. At LDI we will introduce a new plug-in of VR technology into this software.


Everybody at TAF is dedicated to strive for the highest standards and that is why we follow the most up-to-date developments in technology. The introduction of virtual reality feature enhances user interaction with our software TAFtool as now you can easily step into a structure you have just created. Through VR headset you can get a clear picture of your design dimensions and look in real 3D space, you can change your point of view in various ways and simply roam through the structure you just created by using the VR controllers. You can move away to see whether a hanging cube is visible from any point or distance or just to check whether aisles and meeting areas are spacious enough. Live events fans can enjoy a moment of raising a roof above their stage.


The virtual customisation is a response to our commitment of ongoing plans to integrate state-of-the-art technologies in development of trussing structures.


At our stand you could get an experience learning session. You will learn best practices how to leverage TAFtool. Moreover you will check whether your construction is really user friendly. Be the first who gets real experience of your truss structure even before the event takes place.


For TAFtool session, contact us to agree on a time slot. VR will be handled on first-come, first served basis.


Release date will be announced later along with the technical requirements of your computer in order to allow you to enjoy all from the comfort of your seat. We are looking forward to welcoming you in virtual life. WE LIVE TRUSS !

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